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Stargate SG-1: Unending [Daniel|Vala]

I'm a closet Daniel/Vala-shipper. Closet, because I think they should make out in closets all the time my Stargate-ship focus definitely lies on Sam/Jack. But I do love Daniel and Vala both individually and together so, so much. And this scene, along with the Now it's time to come home scene from Mememto Mori, is my favourite. I love the entirety of Unending, but THIS SCENE, guys. I love everything it chooses to be. So, WHY THAT ONE SCENE ALONE WOULD HAVE MADE ME SHIP DANIEL/VALA LIKE CRAZY, an essay in 356 words:

It starts with Daniel telling Vala about the things he's found out in his studies, and it seems absolutely natural, which suggests they've done it before. It's just something so simple, but I love that. And then Vala tries to get him to sleep with her, and at first, it does look just like one of her usual stunts. She flirts with every male human being, so this doesn't seem any different. Until Daniel starts talking. Daniel, bb, I love you to bits, but here, I'd very much like to kick you in the gonads. At least he redeems himself lateron.

I do love his speech, though, because this is what Vala is, what they both are. He still loves his wife, and still thinks about her. He doesn't take his commitments lightly, never has. And then Vala comes along, not even close to being interested in a serious relationship. But all that changes when she meets Daniel, he just doesn't know it yet. She starts crying silently, and CLAUDIA BLACK YOU OWN MY HEART (and you break it every time I watch that scene, but that's okay). You can really see the moment Daniel realises that YES, he did just hurt her. And I love his face after that, because he looks angry, confused, and guilty at the same time. And thennnn, gah. When he asks her to look at him, she looks so broken, but also so proud. Amazing acting there, guys.

When Daniel eventually does a 180, I can even forgive him for his earlier behaviour, because his "You better not be messing with me" shows how scared he is, too. Because he doesn't want to get hurt again. And I love him a little for it, because not only does he make that mistake and behave like an utter jerk, but he realises his mistake and makes up for it. BY KISSING HER. You're totally forgiven, bb. Way to make a fangirl happy. :D And again, their faces! They say everything, really. Which is why I'm going to go over to the picspam now. Those two people are just way too pretty. ENJOY!

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.For [ profile] stargateland's challenge ship manifesto, this is part one. TEAM SG-1, DUH.

daniel & vala

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