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Lie to Me: Top 5 Cal/Gillian Scenes

.Do NOT use any of the images for icons or other graphics. Do NOT repost anywhere, not even on tumblr.
.For [ profile] caseland's challenge your choice graphics. TEAM MORGUE. Because we're ~that cool.
.Technically, these are my top 6-2 moments, I just could. not. for the life of me. find caps of my favourite moment. That's why you get a GIF from that scene instead.

top five cal/gillian moments
lie to me

05) who eats pudding at ten in the morning? — people who like pudding.

04) i'm wearing pink today, cal. pink.

03) depends on the lie.

02) i love my wife.

01) i had no idea you were such a crybaby.

& you're not just a pretty face, are you, darling?

i think the darling [ profile] sunspawn made this!

the end.

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