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Okay, so I have this thing where I really like Laura Roslin.
I've been picspamming and iconing her practically every other week, but now I realised that I only ever photoshop and icon the same episodes over and over again. Sometimes even the same cap twice. Which is how I ended up in my screencaps folder, going through thousands of caps I had never seen, let alone photoshopped, before. I was only going to do a tiny spam, but I ended up with sixty-five pictures that I just couldn't not have fun with. (Well, maaaaybe the occasional overused screencap has snuck in, like a certain scene from Faith. But all of her scenes are so very pretty! Also, I don't think I personally have ever iconed any of these caps. Except for one. Ooops.) So most of these are from episodes that she isn't in much, or from scenes that get lost in the tide of more amazing moments.

.Do NOT use any of the images for icons or other graphics.
.For anyone who's interested, Channel Mixer and I are no longer best friends, I'll always love Curves and I'm having an illicit affair with Smart Blur.

under-appreciated pictures
laura roslin

the end.

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