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tv: top forty ships (part four)

Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Leverage, Lost, NCIS, Sanctuary, Stargate, The West Wing.


#10; john/aeryn, farscape

My god. If this was a Top 40 Kissers list, they would be at the very, very top. That said, I never shipped these two as much as most other people do when they watch Farscape, and while I find the show absolutely brilliant, I never got into it as much as most others do. I think what was missing for me wasn't the emotional component (they have that in spades, dear god, my tear ducts will never forgive me), nor the part that is just utter fun, but I think I sort of expected more on the intellectual front. But in terms of quality, it's definitely among the top three sci-fi shows for me, and I will never deny that John/Aeryn is one epic ship. The quote really says it all; they love each other so much it almost hurts, but shit's happening and they can't just stay cooped up in a room screwing each other's brains out forever. Such a shame. And then stuff like Infinite Possibilities happens, and I cry until I drown in my own tears. Sob sob.

#09; kate/tony, ncis

Kate/Tony. First OTP. :'D Originally, they were going to be much further down the list; aside from three episodes (one for Mira Furlan, one for Claudia Black, and then this AU / flashback / whatever episode the other day), I haven't touched NCIS in years. But when I did watch that ep the other day, even though Kate wasn't technically in it (godawful work they did on that SWAK scene, el oh el), my feelings for this ship returned full force. That made me realise that I never really let go of them. I still love them as much now as I did seven years ago, even if I'm not active in the fandom anymore. That's not to say I don't multi-ship like crazy on NCIS (see also: Tony/Jenny somewhere on this list, and Kate/Gibbs occasionally, too), but Kate and Tony will always, always be my main ship on the show. Also, my post-Twilight (which I still haven't seen the last few minutes of, just so everyone knows) headcanon includes a witness protection program that Kate becomes part of. And they ooobviously meet again at some point.

#08; cj/toby, the west wing

See, normally, CJ/Toby and CJ/Danny are absolutely, irrevocably tied. But now, the other day, I found out the actors apparently played CJ and Toby like they were in love with each other? I JUST CANNOT. Because that's exactly what it feels like sometimes, that they're best friends, but also something more, and just. Headcanon says they had campaign sex back in the day, and maybe again during the second campaign. Nobody can ever convince me otherwise. And then take their very last scene together. My heart. I honestly cannot decide at that moment whether I want her to stay with Toby or go to Danny. It is impossible and I refuse. I'm in season six now in my rewatch, which means it's Danny time again soon, but for now, these two here own my heart. Every tiny bit of it. With their verbal sparring matches, and not being afraid to call the other one out on their bullshit. And with how much they care about each other, always. They are so, so beautiful together.

#07; sawyer/juliet, lost

I have so many issues with Lost as a show, but Sawyer and Juliet's relationship is not one of them. In fact, they're the most perfect thing about the entire show (and also the most attractive, which is very difficult because this show already has all the attractive people). I love the way their romance was handled, from clear antagonists to allies with a sort of truce, to friends, and then so much more. I'm not even sad that we didn't really get to see the development itself. And just, the way that she changed him by not trying to change him is so wonderful. And let's just talk about this moment here for a second. I waited for this one scene all of season six. And it was worth every execrutiating minute. Elizabeth Mitchell did such an incredible job showing Juliet's emotions. AND THEY GOT THEIR EVER AFTER. That's all that I wanted, basically. I don't even care who died and who lived, and what that whole last season was supposed to be. They're together and nothing else matters.

#06; helen/will, sanctuary

If Helen/Tesla is my fun ship on this show, Helen/Will is my all-the-feelings-anyone-has-ever-had-about-a-ship-anywhere ship. True story. It all started in the pilot. Yup, I shipped them from the minute Magnus ran Will over with her car. At first it wasn't really much, but then Reqiuem happened, and that's when things started to get really interesting for me in terms of shipping. But that was nothing compared to Next Tuesday. They know each other so much better by that episode, know exactly what to say to hurt one another. Don't even get me started on Carentan and Out of the Blue. ALL THE FEELINGS, seriously. I have a huge meta thing in my head re: Helen/John vs. Helen/Will in Out of the Blue, what the episode represents for both relationships (no matter if platonic or romantic), but this is not the time or the place. (Don't get me wrong, I do ship Helen/John, but only in the past? If that makes sense.) And then The Depths, ohhhboy. The thing about these two are the trust issues. I mean, Magnus has been alive for such a long time, and everybody she loves is always dying, so naturally, she doesn't trust anyone completely. But Will demands that, he wants that trust, wants her to trust in him as much as he does in her. So they push and push and neither is willing to give in. And it's completely screwed up, but so beautiful to watch. Especially when they start tearing each other apart, like they did in The Depths, but then fall back into place again. UGH I NEED THAT FIFTH SEASON LIKE THE AIR I BREATHE.

#05; helen/daniel, sanctuary/stargate

No, wait. Hear me out. Just put aside your shipping preferences for both shows for a minute, and imagine what would happen of Helen and Daniel met and worked together. ...hmm? HMM? Wouldn't it be magnificent? See, I don't usually crossover-ship. Yes, I have one or two ships that are from different Stargate shows, but they're all still in the same universe (ha. ha.) and have usually interacted at some point. Helen and Daniel obviously haven't (though I like to pretend 'Jimmy' was actually Daniel, in some fucked up alternate reality or something). I still have this giant AU 'verse for them in my head that I will write as fanfic at some point. Once I've figured out a plot, that is. In it, Daniel works at the Sanctuary before he goes to work at the SGC, and together, he and Magnus travel the world, look for abnormals, hunt bad guys, and all that jazz that Magnus now does, too. He'd be her protégé before Will, maybe, and they'd most likely start something, and dear lord it would just be really, really hot, okay? (Speaking of hot, I wasn't going to include any links in this spam, but if I've roused your interest (or other things), y'all should go here and read this delicious Helen/Daniel smutfic. You won't regret it, I promise.) Iiiii guess I should stop now, before I get too into this ship. I think of all the pairings on this list, I could talk about them the longest. PS. The graphic is, admittedly, a bit of a cop-out. I made the manip aaages ago and just shifted it around a bit and re-did only tiny parts, but I love it so much that I can't not include it.

#04; nate/sophie, leverage

Favourite backstory of all the ships on this list, ngl. Rooftops in Paris! European shenanigans! THIEVERY! As far as fucked up ships go, this one is #1, without a doubt. The honest man and the grifter. The thief and the imposter. Black king, white knight, etc etc. I don't think there's a definition for other of these characters (or anyone else on the team), with the goddamn Robin Hood complex. They've known each other forever and been half in love the entire time. And their development is so organic, you can't but love it. Because he picked her. Because he had to work with the others back then, but he went and got her for the con. And because he needs her (always). But she needs him, too. And wants him, more importantly. Sophie Devereaux doesn't want people. She wants things. And yes, she knows Nate is an alcoholic, a control freak, and so many other bad things, but he's alllllways going to be the good guy, and she will always love him. And no, he won't give up drinking for her. She doesn't expect him to. LONG STORY SHORT. How can you NOT love a pairing that, in their introductory scene, SHOOT EACH OTHER. I rest my case.

#03; sam/jack, stargate

Oh, the angst. I think of all the ships I've ever seen, these two have will-they-or-won't-they down to a T. It's so well done, and I absolutely love every step of it. Yes, even Pete. And yes, even redhead SomeAgencyOrAnother lady. (Espesh since she secretly ships Sam/Jack.) So, why do I ship Sam/Jack. Well, let's start with the forbiddenness of it. They're both military, Jack is Sam's CO, they work together every day. What happens it the inevitable: Feelings occur. And loadssss of them, too. Because they can't act on anything they feel. And they know that. UGH. And there are so many moments when it just can't be hidden anymore. But I love that, a few episodes notwithstanding, they never shoved their complicated relationship into our faces. First and foremost, Stargate is a show about the team. About the weird things they experience together. All of them, not just Sam and Jack. And I think that makes the shippy scenes even better. Because we don't get those all the time. And those that we get are absolutely worth the wait. And, sort of spoilering the ending a little bit, I am glad they left it a bit unfinished. Everything on this show is a tag unfinished, and I really like how much potential for fic and for personal headcanon this gives us. I, for one, am 100% convinced they ended up together after Threads / Moebius. And nobody can convince me otherwise.

#02; john/delenn, babylon 5

DISNEYOTP! They allllllmost made it to #1. They probably will, in the next few minutes months, but I've loved #1 for years now, and only discovered these two a while ago. But they iiiinstantly shot up into my top five easily, and have now almost reached the very top. I'm not even going to lie, this was one of the hardest decisions of my life, who should be #1. I mean, goddammit, I will never leave you, Delenn. Not if the whole universe stood between us. OPEN WEEPING. From the very first meeting, I shipped these two with the heat of all the suns in all the galaxies. They are so pure and wonderful and innocent, despire everything. And don't even get me started on Delenn's special relationship with the universe. It is the most beautiful thing. As far as ~ultimate OTPs go, I have this tendency to ship couples that are in some way destined to be together. And these two are. All the obstacles they had to overcome as individuals to end up where they even met, and then end up together... I love how much they love each other. More than life. More than anything. This all sounds terribly intense, and in a way it is, but my god, they're also so ridiculously adorable. You've never seen anything this adorable in your life, believe me. ...Clearly, I have a problem talking about my absolute favourite ships in anything but clichés.

#01; roslin/adama, battlestar galactica

Where do I even start? Every time I think I'm at least on the way to being over them, I see a picture, hear their theme, or even just think about them for three seconds, and it's all back. In a way, their ending has tainted all of BSG for me. Not necessarily in a bad way, but definitely in a way that makes it, at least for the past two years or so, impossible for me to watch any episode without tearing up. This is another couple that was absolutely definitely beyond the shadow of a doubt meant to be together. Not that that was apparent throughout the entire show, no. They've had their fair share of disagreements, some far worse than others (he threw her in the brig after she more or less caused mutiny against him), but in the end, they had only each other, there was never going to be anyone else. But they also didn't let that keep them from doing their respective jobs. They know what's at stake the entire time: the survival of the human race. But where a lot of people despair and give up, they find each other, and never would have if not for the destruction of the Colonies and the annihilation of most of humanity. I just. I don't want to talk about the ending here, in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but - haters out the airlock - I loved the finale. I know a lot of people don't, but I loved it completely. Every single bit. It was perfect in every way and, in my opinion, completely true to their characters. I JUST LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH MY GOD. Somebody stop me.

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