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Stargate: Parallels (SGP)

Stargate Parallels

Title: Stargate Parallels, SGP
Plot: A group of scientists have figured out how to avoid the negative effects of travelling into parallel dimensions, namely entropic cascade failure. This makes it possible for SGC personnel to visit parallel universes and alternate dimensions and to meet various versions of themselves along the way.
Setting: P39-F98. A remote planet in the milky way with access to a Stargate, very close to the rebuilt Intergalactic Gate Bridge between our galaxy and Pegasus. The strategic placement of the facility allows the best access to anything the expedition might require.
Mission: To acquire knowledge from other realities about threats as well as bring back knowledge of how to construct jumpers and build ZPMs, among other things, and report those back to the SGC.
Patch: SGP
Notes: For [ profile] stargateland! TEAM SG-1, DUH. The patch isn’t for points, since I only erased the ‘1’ and slapped on something else. But I wanted to include it anyway, because I liked the idea. It has the ‘P’ for ‘Parallels’ (in both directions, obviously, heh), and it has the point of origin for Earth, but upside down, indicating that they’re not actually ‘normal’ travellers from Earth who explore other planets. Also, as allowed in the challenge post, I switched the word count for two of the options. Now you get 100 words plus a minispam for each of the main and 20 words plus a picture (or two) for the minor characters. (A cookie for everybody who recognises a stolen character name.)

Colonel Katherine Clive, played by Gina Bellman
Colonel Katherine Clive is the leading military officer. Long involved in the Stargate program on Earth, she is finally allowed to travel through the wormhole herself. Her role, however, isn’t as active as she’d like to be. A firm, but fair leader, she makes sure everybody does the work required from them. Thus, she doesn’t often go on missions, but instead has to let her 2IC and his team take the brunt. Only when a mission is in imminent danger of failing does she step in herself. Colonel Clive was picked not only for her experience at the SGC, but also because she is known to consider all options, including non-military ones, which is requirement when working so closely with civilians.

Thomas ‘Tom’ Baker, played by Timothy Hutton
As per a joint decision of the IOA, Tom Baker is the leading civilian member of the expedition, on the same level as Colonel Clive, which forces them to make decisions together. He was brought on board because he has experience in a wide range of fields, including history, politics and diplomacy. His main job is to compare alternate realities to the one the mission originates from, and to make sure not too much is changed in the parallel universes they travel to. A lot of paperwork is involved, too, as he reviews all of the mission reports before they’re sent back to the SGC.

Doctor Gabriel Jacobs, played by Paul Rudd
A surprisingly young, albeit brilliant, member of the crew, Gabriel Jacobs completes the decision-making triangle on P39-F98. Based on Samantha Carter’s research, he was the one that managed to find a way to avoid entropic cascade failure in parallel dimensions, and was thus asked by Colonel Carter herself to be the head scientist on this mission. His main reason for agreeing is the fact that he now has a chance to study the behaviour of parallel realities if outside interference is present, and not just in a lab. He is very impulsive sometimes, but usually knows exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve a certain effect.

Kalea, played by Allison Janney
The first Nox to ever permanently settle with the Humans, Kalea was invited along to both acquire knowledge for her own people, as well as assist in medical matters, as the Nox ways of treating patients are far superior to those known to mankind. True to the Nox nature, she is calm and level-headed, making decisions only after careful deliberation of all the facts without, however, wasting valuable time to help treat the wounded. When she isn’t currently patching somebody up, she is very withdrawn and quiet, almost as if she hasn’t decided yet whether she really wants to be involved in this project.

Major Paul West, played by Robin Dunne
Major West is the second in command, answering only to Colonel Clive, whom he looks up to very much. Like all of the other military personnel, he was handpicked for this mission because of his excellent leadership skills. His team consists of Captains Sarah Lewis and Ben Allan as well as Doctor Jacobs. Although he doesn’t often agree with the scientists and civilians (which seems to be a job requirement for SGC personnel anyway), he learns that they can be very useful to missions, since nobody else has ever intentionally travelled to parallel universes for extended periods of time before. Once he realises that, he is willing to give his life for his team, and will fight to the death if one of them is in danger.

Doctor Chris Hunter, played by Neil Patrick Harris
Chris is the mission’s medical doctor, sent along to help Kalea and learn alternative ways of treating illnesses and wounds from her. He has a secret that he hasn’t shared with anyone yet, because he is afraid it will ruin somebody else’s career.

Captain Sarah Lewis, played by Tamara Taylor
Sarah Lewis was among the last new officers at the SGC to still see Jack O’Neill in action, and as such, she was recommended by him for the program after he saw her in action a few times. She is a trained linguist and fluent in various alien languages.

Captain Benjamin ‘Ben’ Allan, played by Paul Campbell
Ben Allan joined the Air Force on the morning of his eighteenth birthday, mostly to be able to pay for college, but also because he had always longed for a family, a place where he belonged, after being abandoned by his parents early on. He is a loyal officer, but not afraid to speak his mind when he doesn’t agree with a decision.

Doctor Emma Collins, played by Carrie-Anne Moss
Physicist Emma Collins already worked with Gabriel Jacobs before they were both recruited for the mission. She helps him in his studies, but also monitors the teams’ health and makes sure the constant trips to other realities don’t have any negative effects.

Julia Collins, played by Elizabeth Mitchell
Also a scientist, but focused on chemistry and biochemistry, Julia Collins was added to the mission list later than anyone else, because her sister Emma insisted she be considered, believing Julia could make a valuable contribution.

...anyone want to write me Clive/Baker fic? Because ngl, I ship it. (Surpriiiise.) And yes, I did make Elizabeth Mitchell and Carrie-Anne Moss sisters. I've always thought they were separated at birth, shush.

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