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#30; saul/ellen, battlestar galactica

The ship that is constantly drunk. Again not fannish about them, but my heart. That scene in Exodus gets me every. single. time. I have such a weird love/hate relationship with Ellen. She's the most obnoxious person when she first shows up, but despite everything that happens, she loves Saul more than anything else. And she's not above manipulation to get him (back) and keep him. Which probably isn't the healthiest of relationships, but it works for them, has worked for a long, long (loooong) time.

#29; erica/jack, v

Yeahhhh, I don't even feel guilty about shipping the FBI agent and the priest. Not at all. They are so great together. Shhh, Erica/Hobbes shippers, shhh. I almost hopped on that train, but at the end of the day, Erica/Jack is always going to be my favourite. Probably because it's more complicated. They seem to be from completely different sides of the spectrum, but they're really not. Jack knows how to fight. Jack hasn't always been a priest. And Erica usually agrees with his attitude towards things; she's just too deep into the whole thing to listen to him. But all that changes again during that very last scene. Before the network wankers cancelled the show. Sob sob. That scene, though. My god.

#28; talia/susan, babylon 5

Talia/Susan should probably be higher up in this list, but my love for the ship is tampered by a) their ending, and b) a ship I'll talk about later on in this list. That said, I like how complicated they are. Susan hates telepaths. (So much so that she once threw one out of a window.) Talia believes the Corps is good, useful, necessary. Until she doesn't. And that's when they finally get closer, when Susan finally allows her walls down a tiny bit. I've read what their story was supposed to be like, if Andrea Thompson hadn't left, and hey, it would never have ended well. But I still hate the way it did end. If I had a personal headcanon for them (which I don't, see also that other ship), it would include somebody fixing that thing. Even if it's as late as during the Telepath War. And then Susan and Talia getting back together. It would be wonderful. (If anyone wants to write that fic, please do, I'll be the first to read it!)

#27; mal/inara, firefly

With the bickering! I already love all the witty dialogue on Firefly, but ah, these two. They are great. I don't even think I need them to really be together, I would've been fine just watching them the way they were when we met them. Especially when there's dancing. The entire episode this scene is from is wonderful, with a jealous Mal and an indignant Inara. I love that he doesn't shy away from calling her a whore while at the same time defending her honour. Because there is a difference between not respecting her job and not respecting her, and he would never, ever, ever do the latter. He's so much nobler than anyone thinks he is. And Inara, ugh. I don't even know what to say about her. She's so elusive, so mysterious. And I'm pretty sure she has no idea what exactly she wants from Mal. I would guess it scares the hell out of her, what with her many suitors that never mean anything and all. Feelings.

#26; lee/kara, battlestar galactica

I'm not sure if I actually ship Lee/Kara or if I ship Starbuck/Apollo. I think, in the long run, Kara would've been happier with Anders. If she'd let herself be happy, that is. But there was always something between her and Lee, a sort of missed moment, that one-that-got-away-ness of it all. And he loved her with all his heart. But she's Starbuck, and what she really loves, more than anything else, is flying. That's what's clear. The rest is complicated. And, in true Starbuck fashion, she fucks it up. At the end of the day, I maybe possibly perhaps ship Kara/Anders more, because I just wanted her to be happy. But I love Lee and Kara together no matter what, in any kind of relationship. Piloooots! All that said, I can't think about their ending without tearing up. SOB.

#25; mulder/scully, the x-files

I... don't actually have much to say about these two? I shipped them, of course, when I watched the show, and I still do, but I was never as much into XF as basically everyone else who ever gave it a try. Probably didn't help that I had to jump back and forth between seasons because we only had a few VHS tapes and the rest I caught randomly on TV. Either way, though, when I did ship them, I shipped them a lot. It was a very intense few weeks, hah. I don't even remember how many fics I read, and most of them were hooorrible, but I also had no clue where to start looking for fic. Their ending is pretty take-it-or-leave-it for me, though. Never being a fan of the whole conspiracy arc probably doesn't help, but I stopped caring some time in season seven, I believe. Now bring on the vegetables, I'll go hide in my pillow fort.

#24; barney/robin, how i met your mother

Ouch. I WISH THESE TWO WOULD JUST WORK THINGS OUT SOB SOB. And with that one episode a while ago, I'm starting to lose hope that they ever will. But they haaaave to! D: I mean, we've seen in flashforwards that Barney will eventually get married, right? Or am I just taking these things wrong? If he does, though, it should be to Robin. If there's anyone that will ever understand him enough, it's her. They were there before, and hey, they did pretty well! I still don't quite understand why they split up. Because they got too comfortable with each other? Because Barney stopped suiting up and chasing girls? Because Robin stopped caring so much about her looks? Isn't that exactly what's supposed to happen in a relationship? That you stop trying to attract other people's attention? It's ridiculous. GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY. End rant.

#23; jenny/tony, ncis

Hello completely non-canonical ship that is founded on that one time Tony called her 'Jenny' in public, and a few remarks friends made. But that's okay. I don't seriously ship them, not like most of my other ships, but they are fun and they could be happier than Jen/Gibbs would be, with all their history. I love the secrecy, the spy-ness of their main storyline while Gibbs is gone. And I kind of want to read a fic in which they go on a mission together, maybe just the two of them. Even if it doesn't end with them in bed together or anything, I don't even need that (not need... but want is a different matter), I just want some Jenny/Tony adventure fic.

#22; house/cuddy, house

Yeahhhhhh. About House/Cuddy. They were #3, if not higher, at some point. Look where they are now. I could probably kick them off this list completely, but I didn't want to do that. Nostalgia, I know. What happened to them? I mean, I know what happened, the awful writing happened. But wasn't it always the point of the show and the ship that while nobody could get House out of his addiction completely, Cuddy was the only one who had any sort of pull on him, any sort of influence? I don't actually know what went on after they... idk, kissed? I'm not sure what the last ep was that I watched, but then I just gave up. I heard some things about what happened later, but nothing specific. Not that I'm interested anymore. They could've been beautiful, in a fucked up way, but then the writers had to go and kill it all. And not in a good way.

#21; cj/danny, the west wing

CJ/Danny! One of my two main TWW ships, and usually, I cannot decide between them. Right now, I'm riding the train of the other ship so hard, but I'll be back with CJ/Danny soon enough. I love how much he loves her. Unconditionally, without any end in sight. Even years after they first meet, after they flirt a little bit and kiss a little bit, he's still interested in only her. And I love that he's not afraid to say it, that he's not afraid to try to get her to give them a shot. But she's scared, and busy, and even more scared. And the thing is, I completely understand why. But Danny knows exactly what he's getting into with her, and it takes her years to realise that. So many feelings. ♥


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