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.Do NOT use any of the images for icons or other graphics. Do NOT repost anywhere, not even on tumblr.
.Tumblr versions here.
.All for you, [ profile] cata_clysmiic. I do it all for you. (You said you wanted a picspam for your birthday/Christmas/whatever, here it is.) :P
.Somebody take Photoshop away from me! Or at least the vibrance/saturation tool.
.Nate/Sophie-heavy. What can I say. They're a bad influence.

top ten final scenes

10) beantown bailout job.

09) nigerian job.

08) mile-high job.

07) rashomon job.

06) reunion job.

05) maltese falcon job.

04) second david job.

03) ho ho ho job.

02) san lorenzo job.

01) two live-crew job.

the end.

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